Metro Tow Trucks - 2008 RTR-50 on a Volvo VHD

Metro's thrity five ton entry level rotator is designed to be lightweight and scalable on a tandem or tri-axel.

Standard features include:
  • Dual 40,000lbs planetary winches
  • Two stage boom
  • Dual manual controls
  • Complete wireless controls
  • Front and rear ‘H' hydraulic out-riggers
  • 50,000lbs wheel lift
  • Four sets of frame forks
Options Available:
  • Aluminum body
  • Side winder winches
  • ‘A' arm front stiff legs
  • Three stage boom

Sliding Rotator Options – All three of our rotators are available in a sliding configuration with a 96” slide distance and hydraulic octopus providing continuous 360 degree rotation.

General Options - Optional LED lighting available on all tow trucks. Additional frame forks available. Custom paint schemes upon request. Stainless steel or mechanics tool box(es).

Metro Tow Trucks RTR-35 Rotator
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