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Metro Tow Trucks - RTR-35 RTR-35Surprising Performance

The RTR-35 is Metro’s smallest rotator, but it doesn’t mean it is limited in its capabilities. This light rotator can pick up and rotate 7.3 ton (12,700 lbs.) at full extension. Meeting your budget and requirements. Metro is proud to produce this exceptional piece of equipment.

Our RTR-35 is over-built to ensure durability and long-life; this will protect your investment and keep you on the road longer and hauling more vehicles faster. Owners and fleet operators alike will quickly discover that this light duty Rotator is the best value that's available on the market today.

As with all Metro Tow Trucks, customization is the order of the day and we'll build your Rotator the way you want it. Don't hesitate to inquire, standard and customized Rotators are surprisingly inexpensive.

Brochure Download Download the RTR-35 Brochure
Euro Style Body
American Style Body
RTR-35 Line Drawing
Standard Features
  • 4572 mm (180’’) Cab to centre of tandem standard steel body
  • 2 x 20 ton (44,000 lbs) winches
  • 1 set of frame fork holders and 4 sets of frame forks
  • Safety chains
  • Frame fork and chain racks
  • Chrome door handles
  • Driver side manual controls
  • Air and 12V/24V outputs
  • Non slide configuration
  • Complete wireless remote control
  • Proportional remote control
  • Slide configuration
  • 2 additional 10 ton (22,000 lbs) winches
  • 609 mm (24"), 762 mm (30"), 914 mm (36"), 1219 mm (48"), 1828 mm (72") tunnel box
  • Tailboard controls
  • Extra frame forks
  • Wheel lift receivers for single/double tire
  • Full recovery tool package
  • Custom storage system
  • Aluminum / Composite body
  • European body style
  • Gravel guard undercoating finish
  • Front push bumper
  • Front winch and Drag winch
  • XP, X-shape side puller
  • A-arm style side winches
  • Steel core rope
  • Chrome hand rails
  • In cab controls
  • Full size LED light bar and strobe lights
  • LED working lights and lights inside the toolbox
  • Custom paint
  • Installation services and extended warranty
  • Tow operators education & training

Some optional equipment may be shown.

All ratings are based on structural and design factors only. Vehicle chassis capacity and capabilities can vary significantly, affecting the overall performance and rating of the unit. All chassis specifications are minimums, heavier specifications may be required depending on chassis and equipment weights. Please contact your nearest distributor for additional information.

Metro Tow Trucks Co. reserves the right to change, improve or modify products, which may change the specifications, models and features availability at any time without notice and without obligation. Please contact your nearest distributor for additional information.

Tow Rating36 ton (80,000 lbs)
Retracted capacity on forks15.8 ton (35,000 lbs)
Retracted distance to the forks1746 mm (69")
Extended capacity on forks6.8 ton (15,000 lbs)
Extended distance to the forks3492 mm (137") / 3657 mm (144")*
Tilt angles-10°

Retracted capacity36.3 ton (80,000 lbs)
Extended capacity9.1 ton (20,000 lbs)
Maximum Lift angle65°
Maximum hook height12019 mm (473")
Reach past tailboard5625 mm (221")

Quantity2 winches std., 2 winches optional
Pulling force (on 1st layer)20 ton (44,000 lbs) & optional 10 ton (22,000 lbs)
Winch TypePlanetary
Cable length19 mm x 60 m (3/4" x 200')
16 mm x 60 m (5/8" x 200') optional

FA axle(s) weight (min)9 ton (20,000 lbs)
RA axle(s) weight (min)2x 10.4 ton (23,000 lbs)
Recommended Tire sizeR24.5
Clear CA4572 mm (180")