Metro Tow Trucks - 2008 RTR-50 on a Volvo VHD

Metro Tow Trucks is the vision of a man and his family. In the industry for over 24 years, the Wehbe family grew tired of purchasing expensive and underperforming wreckers which were often outlived by the chassis upon which they were mounted.

In the 1990s, Webb Wehbe started to develop his own line of wreckers. Beginning with pencil drawn plans, he crafted what he thought every driver would want and need. Labor and material costs have been on the rise in North America for years; Webb knew that to make an affordable, quality wrecker, he'd have to source an experienced manufacturing company in China. In 2002, and after several visits, he found a heavy equipment manufacturer with the right skills and machinery to do the job.

By 2008, Metro Tow Trucks had already surpassed the production capabilities of the heavy equipment manufacturer and decided to open their own factory in Guangdong, China. By wholly owning the factory themselves, they are now able to keep tight constrains on deadlines and quality. With Webb on the ground most of the year in China, he is able to keep a close eye on the production while still being able to modify plans based on customer requests and feedback.

Although every major manufacturer of tow trucks in the world utilizes Chinese labor to cut costs, Metro Tow Trucks has been the first to be able to break into the Chinese domestic market and entirely assemble their wreckers overseas.

Starting in 2008, Metro Tow Trucks has also restarted manufacturing some models in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada in order to take advantage of various Canadian governmental grants, tax discounts and labour subsidies. Also, this opens up a larger market in first world countries which often have a North America or Europe build specification. While our machinery in Canada is somewhat limited as compared to factory in China, we have partnered with several companies in Ottawa, Montreal and the surrounding regions to source the equipment and skilled labour required to make the higher precision parts like boom assemblies and underlifts. Although the Canadian built versions of our products come at a premium cost, we still aim to offer comparable quality at a price lower than our competitors.

Employing more than 150 local workers, Metro Tow Trucks has become a pillar of the community in their little corner of China and Canada. Supporting businesses, restaurants and industry they have earned the respect of the local government. By offering western style management and exceptionally high pay, Metro Tow Trucks has brought in talent from all over China. Staffed with a dozen engineers, anything that can be drawn in AutoCAD or rendered in Pro/Engineer can be cutout, welded and assembled by the team of dedicated workers.

Metro Tow Trucks is dedicated to providing a quality product with exceptional service.

Bending Frame Steel on a 1000-ton press Ottawa Metro Towing SL-3 on a F450 towing a Mustang
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